Saturday, June 3rd- 2:00PM- 4:00PM


Previous attendees had this to say:

“WOW.; the combination of your soothing voice, tranquil presence, superb instruction and the deep
relaxation with Tibetan Bowls was beyond amazing!”

“I felt energized, in-tune, open, clear and balanced and am still maintaining that blissful feeling 24 hours

An eclectic afternoon of learning Chi Gong/Tal Chi, Reflexology & energy techniques concluding with
guided meditation and Tibetan bowls played on the body for deep relaxation.

This profound experience balances your energy, removes energy blocks, enhances your intuition and
boosts your immune system! The group energy and intention considerably magnifies the beautiful
benefits of this fusion class!




Yoga Source Coral Springs

Saturday, June 3rd 2:00-4:00pm



Kim Hough is a Corporate and Individual Health and Wellness Specialist. She has been teaching for over
12 years. Visit www.balancedlivinewithkim.comfor testimonials, upcoming events, massage, etc.